Operation Eat Fat

Healthy fatsWe all know sugar is bad for us, but I had to get my head around fat being good for me. I think they should start a new marketing campaign and call good fats something different….yummos?! Health blocks?! Maybe….whatever they do, we need a shift in our thinking.

For the past three weeks I have been consciously eating minimal sugar and fructose. I didn’t think I had a big sweet tooth but as usual, a little well informed research highlighted to me that I was wrong. I gave up fruit as an experiment to see if my body improved. It has.

I have observed that for me, fruit seems to bloat me and cause some discomfort. Discovering that a banana has 55% fructose (sugar) was an eye opener! I ate one a day usually. My sisters will tell you that for years it was the only thing I would eat for breakfast. My daily sugar hit! I know this topic is controversial and fruit has a lot of health benefits, but for me cutting it out has made me feel healthier.

On Monday I start Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ detox. Cutting back on my sugar intake has been the first step and I am now following her 8 week plan. It’s not forever (yes mum, I will eat fruit again!) but I want to give my body a taste of what is normal without sugar overload. I am expecting that weight loss, more energy, better skin and healing will be the reward.

I don’t want my energy zapped by my body having to process what it doesn’t like – I want to be free to live life to the full.

Sarah recommends ‘crowding out’ the sugar cravings with good fats and satisfying foods – I love this idea! I firmly believe that operation eat fat will prove to me once and for all that healthy fats, avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds etc are SO GOOD for us and necessary for a healthy body.

As always, make small steps towards your own health. Eat more veggies, good fats (health blocks!!), cut down on sugar….whatever resonates with you. Do just one thing at a time and observe your body. What it is telling you? Cut out dairy and you don’t see an improvement? Reintroduce it and you’re no worse? Great! Eat dairy! Try something else, observe how it effects you. Once I found a new health focus became normal and part of my routine, I would introduce something new. Don’t be a superhero and try it all at once. Be kind to yourself.

Remember it is all about small steps to a healthier you.

PS check out Sarah Wilson’s website http://www.iquitsugar.com